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"I Love" Quotes

"One of the most intriguing tracks found during the weeks' listening....Patty Griffin [singing "I Love"] leads a new Tom T. Hall tribute album with this touching rendition of his eloquently simple 1974 hit." -- USA Today, Brian Mansfield

"The album is charming, endearing, enduring and warm. It is a beautiful contemporary tribute to a unique artist. Tom T. Hall wrote from the heart and the love for those songs shines through." -- Bob Harris, BBC Radio

"An absolute joy. Congratulations everyone. Tom T. must be very proud of what you've done." -- Dave Cash, BBC

"Nashville’s Eric Brace and Peter Cooper are on a roll. Last year the duo brought together pedal steel legend Lloyd Green and dobro ace Mike Auldridge for an impressive release. This year the duo have returned with their tribute to the songs of Tom T. Hall. Rather than go it alone, they invited an impressive group of friends and acquaintances – from Buddy Miller to Jim Lauderdale to Bobby Bare to Tom T. Hall himself. This track features Patty Griffin wrapping her beautiful voice around a Tom T. Hall classic. File this under sublime." -- Mayer Danzig, Twangville

 "They came, they sang, and wonders ensued....Song after song, the mood sustains, the joy maintains, the spirit rises....So hats off to those on this wish list. All came and all gave it their finest....Cooper and Brace made nary a false move, from conception to execution." -- The Bluegrass Special

"Cooper and Brace show remarkable empathy for Hall's original vision, creating a fitting tribute that makes the songs sound as lively and relevant today as they were nearly four decades ago....Collectively, I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow stands as a worthwhile project - and one that couldn't have been done without the tender loving care that Cooper and Brace put into it or without the obvious passion that all of the participants showed in their performances......To paraphrase the title of one of its songs, everybody should love to hear this album." -- Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Dan Armonaitis

"This updated version fully embraces the all-ages potential of these songs. In spirit, this is the same fun, fanciful farm visit that Tom T. once envisioned - and as remakes go, this one is an egg that does the chicken proud." -- Country Weekly, Steve Morley

"The tracks have a charming, innocent feel.....It's wonderful to be able to recommend an American children's classic that's been given a modern musical makeover" -- The Telegraph UK, Martin Chilton

"It accomplishes the rare feat of being a children's album that can entertain adults too." -- Country Standard Time, Sam Gazdziak

 "I Love is a gem.......There's an abundance of humor and warmth invading every second of this track-by-track replica/tribute, all of it wrought by musicians still enchanted by the LP, lo these 37 years later." -- Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, David Pyles

 "The Nashville-based writers and singers [Peter Cooper and Eric Brace] have released a string of unbelievably wonderful recordings on their Red Beet label....The recording feels like it was captured in a loose and enjoyable setting, but the sound is tight. Great performances abound and the packaging is gorgeous." "Conceived in respect and gratitude, I Love is another recording in which the team of Peter Cooper and Eric Brace can take great pride; someday they are bound to fail, but they haven't so far." -- Lonesome Road Review, Donald Teplyske

"I Love is a project born out of love, immense respect and a desire to commemorate the storytelling gifts of a great songwriter. Polished musicianship and attention to detail are both evident in the production but it is also obvious that a magical time was shared in the creation of this album. It is a great tribute by Peter Cooper and Eric Brace to Tom T. Hall's work..." --

"Brace and Cooper gathered a top-flight bunch at Hall's studio at Fox Hollow and in a few days created a record that is full of such unabashed joy and love of life that you can't help but smile as you listen....With I Love, Cooper & Brace have rediscovered the imagination of youth and reintroduced it to a new generation." -- Playgrounds Magazine, Curtis Lynch

"They’ve done their hero proud. The album features a diverse and talented line-up offering largely faithful renditions ; it works very well....“I Love” is full of charming music that deserves to be heard by a new generation." -- Sun 209, Ken Paulson

 "I am not a kid by a long shot, but I like this record, which is very nicely accomplished with loving vocals and solid production." --, Jerome Clark

"The Lloyd Green Album" Quotes

No. 2 on American Twang's list of "Top 10 Country Music Albums of 2010." "A gifted songwriter with a quirky sense of humor and a keen eye for detail."

"Elmer The Dancer: No. 1 on American Twang's list of "The 50 Best Country Songs of 2010"

No. 1 roots album of 2010 - Philadelphia City Paper

Top 5 Americana of 2010. "Elegant" - Rich Kienzle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The best of 2010." - Jeffrey Remz, Country Standard Time

Five stars. "(Cooper) approaches his singing and playing with such calm confidence and cool composure that the majesty of his music is magnified by this unassuming rectitude." - Lonesome Road Review

"A record of emotionally deft songs, life lessons and character sketches of sketchy characters, all punctuated with the elegant pedal steel work of the legendary Pedal Steel Hall of Famer, Lloyd Green." - Curtis Lynch, Rattlesnake Confusion

No. 1, Roots Music Folk Chart

"Peter Cooper's performance is flawless... Lloyd green is ten shades of lyrical." - Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"A great album." - Ed Karn, No Depression

"Simple stories, simply told, that draw emotional impact from honest observation rather than high-flown metaphor." - Lawrence F. Specker, Mobile Press-Register

"Writing, teaching, playing bass, hobnobbing with country's legends - it's all part of an eventful life in music for Peter Cooper" - Dan Armonaitis, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

"If someone were to tell me that Tom T. Hall wrote 'That Poor Guy' - it's a Cooper creation - I would have no reason to disbelieve it. And that's a compliment." -

"(Cooper is) a fine country singer and songwriter, and a terrific guitar player." - Chris Jorgenson, Billings Gazette

"Beautifully performed and beautifully recorded." - Sleeping Hedgehog

"Cooper is a songwriter's songwriter, with an eye for detail, ability to turn a phrase and slightly askew sense of humor possessed by the Kris Kristoffersons and Tom T. Hall's of the world." - Juli Thanki, American Noise

"Top 20 album." - Fred Boenig, WLVR, Bethlehem, Pa.

"Authentic songs with real heard and soul." - Hermon Joyner, Audiophile Audition

"A quiet Americana masterpiece." - Music Near

"The fact that his songs stand capably beside (and at times above) covers of songs by Tom T. Hall, Kris Kristofferson, John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris speaks volumes of Cooper's abilities as a songwriter." - Nelson Gullett, Country Standard Time

"The Master Sessions" Quotes

"A must-have recording. This gets my highest recommendation." Hermon Joyner, Audiophile Audition

"The harmonies are unforgettable, classic and touching. One of the irresistible surprises of the year." - Jim Morrison, No Depression

"A fully realized hallmark of country music recording... rarely does such gentle music inspire such intense listening." - Donald Teplyske, Lonesome Road Review.

"Two of the leading denizens of the fertile East Nashville music scene." - Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Enquirer.

"The best of Nashville" - Ryan White, The Oregonian

Top 5 Americana of 2010. "Never anything but austere, and always graceful... both literate and witty." - Rich Kienzle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

No. 8 on American Twang's list of "10 Best Not Quite Country Albums." "This album's title is no misnomer."

Top Ten Best Music of 2010 - Freight Train Boogie

"Dusty twangs in keening harmony on songs with timeless melodies... a relaxed, easy on the ears album that slips down like smooth bourbon on a warm night." - Mike Davies, Net Rhythms

"Wonderfully crafted folk/country." - Curtis Lynch, Playgrounds Magazine

"Fine material that deserves even wider exposure than it's gotten so far." - Jon Weisberger, Nashville Scene.

"As close to the perfect country album as you can get." Adam Dawson,

"Two of Americana's brightest stars."

"It's the chops and delightful sensibility Brace and Cooper establish by themselves that make Master Sessions both a pleasure and an example of the fine music made in Nashville." - Ron Wynn, Option Magazine

"You Don't Have To Like Them Both" Quotes

"He's good looking as hell." - Jeff Wall,

"A warmhearted romp combining sharp originals and smartly picked covers." - Chris Neal, Country Weekly

"These guys are actually good." - Roanoke Times

"A treat for the ears and the soul." - Audiophile Audition

"A beautiful, enjoyable album." - Mix Magazine

"A true-hearted pleasure of an album." - No Depression

"Eric Brace and Peter Cooper are in tune." - Washington Post

"Eric Brace and Peter Cooper sound as if they were born to play together." -

"Eric Brace and Peter Cooper have made a new record called "You Dont Have To Like Them Both." Well guess what? I like them both, a lot. Think of what you liked best about Gordon Lightfoot, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Gram Parsons and Roy Acuff, then thank God these lads like each other enough to offer up such a smoking, good, batch of songs." - Rodney Crowell

"Eric Brace and Peter Cooper bring the sound of East Nashville to my radio shows. Authentic, intelligent and beautifully played...real Country music for 2009." - Bob Harris, BBC2

"Album of the Week" - Crossroads, BRTO Radio, Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands

"Eric and Peter's distinctive styles work superbly together, whether catching the ache of loss and longing or observing the foibles of personality, or cheekily commenting on the ridiculous." -

"Journalists who moonlight as musicians are always worthy of some skepticism, but this collbaoration between former Washington Post music writer Eric Brace and current music writer for The Tennessean Peter Cooper is the best of both worlds." - Charleston Gazette

"Mission Door" Quotes